1. Substantial
    Alexandria, Virginia
  2. Tanya Morgan
    Brooklyn, New York
  3. The Other Guys
    Washington, D.C.
  4. LiKWUiD
    New York, New York
  5. 2 Hungry Bros
    New York
  6. Deep of 2 Hungry Bros
    Brooklyn, New York
  7. P.SO the Earth Tone King
    Brooklyn, New York
  8. The Regiment
  9. Intelligenz
    Chicago, Illinois
  10. JSOUL
    Baltimore, Maryland
  11. Von Pea
    New York
  12. Rob Cave
    Brooklyn, New York
  13. MarQ Spekt
  14. MidaZ The BEAST
  15. ilyas
    Cincinnati, Ohio
  16. Amiri
    South Carolina
  17. Greenspan
  18. Gods'Illa
  19. Spectac & Amiri


HiPNOTT Records Washington, D.C.

HiPNOTT Records is a Washington, D.C.-based independent hip-hop record label founded by world renowned hip-hop blogger Kevin Nottingham of KevinNottingham.com in an effort to release good music by artists that deserve to be heard. This is the first instance of a hip hop blogger branching out to form an independent label. ... more

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